Tips How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans for Your Coffee Enjoyment

On the last article, you already know what 10 good coffee beans to buy from around the globe. If you haven’t read that, you may read it first. But, before I go through with this article, I just want to clear one thing that, coffee is subjective. You or everyone else may be come out with different conclusion whatsoever. So, take your part as well in this coffee universe.

Tips How to Choose Best Coffee Beans
Tips How to Choose Best Coffee Beans

Now, I assume that you are deciding to take your hobby about coffee into the next level. I will say congratulations to you! You will experience the new enjoyment of coffee, from that standard pre-ground coffee to whole new world of true coffee, whole bean coffee. Welcome!

Moving forward, now it’s time to take a quick learn and tips on how to get best coffee beans.  I hope that, after reading this article, you can determine which are the best coffee beans and how to tell if it is actually good beans or not. Then after that, we go to the point of where you can go to get the best coffee beans.

How to determine and tips to get best coffee beans

First thing to do is to read whatever information on the packaging or bag of whole bean coffee label. Read carefully and thoroughly, try to not overlook anything. You actually can learn a lot from that label. From that information, it will give you few insights of those coffee beans inside the bag. Then you can decide whether those whole beans coffee worth buying or put back into the shelf.

Now, here are the tips.

Buy whole bean coffee and grind by yourself

First thing first, always buy whole bean coffee! Since you already decide to move into whole beans coffee, it is best for you to get and invest a proper grinder to grind your coffee beans yourself.

Why? This to ensure the freshness of coffee you are going to make, and whole bean coffee will retain more of its flavor in that form.

Understand the type of coffee beans

There are two type of coffee beans which commonly known worldwide. Those two biggest varieties are Arabica and Robusta. Both have different characteristic. Ensure you know this basic information before deciding to get your coffee beans.

Robusta is type of coffee beans which has bitter and earthier taste which is stronger. Usually used in most instant coffee. While Arabica provide a much better flavor than Robusta, and is being preferred by most coffee drinkers.

Arabica coffee is higher quality variety and has lower acidity.  However, it is not as hardy of a plant as the Robusta variety and it produces lower yields.

So, it is obvious that you will choice Arabica coffee for best coffee experience.

See where the beans comes from

Best Coffee Beans
Best Coffee Beans

Now that you already choose your type of beans, the other things need to take note is where the beans come from. It is more because of geographic locations.

Coffee beans plantations were grown in a humid climate with annual rainfall range between 1000 to 1500 centimeters and in consistent temperature about 20 degrees Celcius with elevations of 900 to more than 1800 meters above sea level, where frost is rare.

Not all places around the globe have the same geographical condition. That is why some coffee has its own characteristic and unique taste and become the best coffee beans in the world. Ideally, coffee beans which come from one single source and unique geographic locations will provide more consistent flavor.

Take attention on roast date and use by date

Just the same as the ones on food and drinks, coffee has no different. However, for whole coffee beans, you also need to pay attention on roasting date. This to ensure the freshness of coffee bean you would like to choose and buy.

The closer roasting date with the time you buy or the plan when you are going to use, the fresher and more flavors the coffee will be.

Don’t stick only to use by date, because the closer use by date means longer roast date. Which is also means, the coffee beans is not on its fresher condition.

Next, roast type

Strong or weak coffee is depending on how it roasts. Common rule is the darker the beans, the stronger the coffee. Before you buy any beans, ensure it is roasted to your taste.

If you prefer weaker coffee, try light roast. And if you prefer strong coffee, try dark roast. Some name also has been assign for better terminology like City or Vienna. City is referring to lighter roast, while Vienna is the most common roast type nowadays.

That’s all the tips for how to get the best coffee beans. Let us know your thought also by replying on comment box below.

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